ASM-Profile swimming pool overflow gratings, FSR


swimming pool overflow gratings outdoor


ASM-Profile swimming pool overflow gratings type FSR

are suitable for indoor and outdoor usage


ASM-Profile overflow gratings, Profile height: 22mm, Profile width from 85mm up to 400mm, self-supporting, ultra fast delivery. All swimming pool grating types FSR are manufactured out of recyclable synthetic material.


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Certificate in German

swimming pool overflow gratings catalouge       swimming pool overflow gratings certificate


stiff element parallel to the pool edge for indoor and outdoor usage


swimming pool overflow gratings colored


Profile height: 22mm, Profile width from 85mm up to 400mm, self-supporting


ASM-Profile swimming pool gratings type FSR are constructed to be able to bridge over the overflow channel self-supporting. Therefore no additional support is required. The profile width can be customized within the range of 85 mm up to 400 mm. There are four standard edge versions available: obtuse angle corners, right angle, or other edge solutions for mitre corner 90 with synthetic or stainless steel enclosing elements.

The used raw materials for the ASM-Profile FSR swimming pool gratings do not contain any hazardous materials which evaporate any toxics or noxious fumes over time. The profiles are free from formaldehyde, asbestos, HCH, PCB, PCP and CFC. In addition they are free from cadmium, lead and do not contain any monomers, biocides or plasticisers. The basic material is permitted for food-contact.

ASM-Profile swimming pool gratings have been tested for slip safety with test certificate according to DIN 51097 validated group B with reference to acid. Tested by the “Fliesenleger-Vereinigung E.V.” on the 22.10.2014, this guarantees a distance between the single profiles of >8mm. The long operational lifetime and the extremely hygienic features of the FSR swimming pool gratings are ensured by the sealed and free from porous, polished surface.


Our swimming pool overflow gratings FSR, indoor and outdoor usage

ELEMENTS 0,333 m           ELEMENTS 1,0 m
swimming pool overflow gratings FSR 0,33           swimming pool overflow gratings FSR 1,0


Material: polypropylene element with 10mm wide profile

Distance: >8mm, approx. 50% passage

Surface: slide protection maturing

Connections: plug in connectors, 1,00m long element with plastic rivets

Standardized colours: RAL 9010 white and RAL 7035 grey

Customized colours: according to RAL, minimum of 25 running metres,

available on short notice

Standard lengths: 0,333m or 1,00m

Resistance: on request

Profile height: 22 mm

Grating width: 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm, self-supporting,

intermediate sizes available on short notice


Swimming pool gratings FSR are available in various edge solutions


Swimming pool overflow gratings stiff edge SW 1

Swimming pool overflow gratings green    


Stiff edge of 90°, with stainless steel support

Available in all colours

Standardized and customized colours

Side length: 33 cm


Swimming pool overflow gratings miter SW 2

Swimming pool overflow gratings miter    


Mitre corner 90° with matching surrounding profile

Made of synthetic material, available only in white or grey

Side length: 33 cm


Swimming pool overflow gratings stainless steel SW 3

swimming pool overflow gratings stainless steel    


Mitre corner 90° with V2A stainless steel surrounding profile

Surface is leather grained, all colours available

Side length 33 cm


Swimming pool overflow gratings stainless steel V4A SW 4

swimming pool overflow gratings stainless steel V4A    


Mitre corner 90° with V2A or V4A stainless steel surrounding profile

Surface: polished 3c, available in all colours

Side length 33 cm




Radii for ASM-Profile swimming pool overlow gratings FSR,

swimming pool overflow gratings radii

It is possible to manufacture overflow channel gratings with radii that are not rectangular in the

same profile design of >8mm profile distance.

Radii are only available in white. The provision of a template out of plastic or carton is highly



Customized solutions are available on short notice if a template or drawing is provided. Please talk

to one of our applications engineers, they will be happy to help you.


Ordering and assembly instruction advice:

To guarantee the self-supporting feature of the swimming pool grating for pedestrian traffic,

the contact area of the swimming pool grating within the overflow grating should measure at least

20 mm on the left and on the right side


Please consider the length extension of synthetics; the installed grating should be 5mm smaller in

width then the inner measures of the overflow channel.

If gratings are installed indoors please store swimming pool gratings for 24h at room temperature

before installation.

If gratings are installed outdoors, please store them indoors during the winter.



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